27 July 2006

Today's Reading

Psalms 50, 51, 52 Acts 27:1-25
There are those who publish abroad the message that the Christian life is one free from struggle and strife. It's never been clear to me where this originated. By human standards at least, Jesus didn't get much out of His time on the earth. Neither did the apostles nor most of the Church through most of the intervening centuries. Today's reading in the Acts of the Apostles reminds us of this. Paul is a prisoner being sent to Rome for judgment and eventual execution. Along the way, he is on a boat overtaken by a fierce storm, a storm that eventually wrecks the ship. This is not a description of the circumstances any of us would seek out, yet Paul accepts it all, knowing that the storms of life are not necessarily a sign of God's displeasure with him. He is confident, knowing he is in God's will, and has no reason to fear nature nor man.

Compare this with Psalm 51, the repentance of David after he sinned with Bathsheba. David knew right well that he was out of God's will. That's a very bad place to be, and all of us have been in that spot. Punishment had not - yet - come upon David. It would, of course, later.
All of us go through storms, difficulties, problems. They may be a sign of being out of God's will. They may be a sign of being in God's will. They may, even, just be the result of living in a fallen world.

We need discernment in order to know whether our worldly situation, good or bad, is a reliable indicator of our spiritual health.

23 July 2006

In the beginning ...

Beginnings are always delicate times, and since this is the very first posting here, one wants to be careful.
This is a blog that accepts moderated comments only. The reasons for that should be evident to anyone who has been around been around the 'Net for any length of time. To steal a concept from Lucianne Goldberg, ''this is a salon, not a saloon''. Even more so, this is intended to be a family-friendly Chistian site and we intend that the Almighty be honored here.

I have my own beliefs and opinions on a variety of matters. I have been wrong before, and possibly will be again. Discussions are intended to generate light, not just heat, and I am willing to enforce that principle. Flame wars are intended for other venues.

Since I will be asked, a few personal references. I am an engineer by training and inclination, with some twenty years in manufacturing operations. I live in the area of Clinton, Tennessee with my wife and the second of two daughters. We are members of Second Baptist Church in Clinton. Anyone is welcome to join us there on Sundays, and visitors will certainly be made welcome, particularly as we move into the new buildings around the first of September.

But if not .....

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