30 November 2006

Illegal aliens, part 1003 and the death of innocents

Sometimes it seems that some things never end. Take for example the ongoing carnage in our nation from illegal immigrants. Sometimes it is expressed in the death of citizens as they wait too long for care in an Emergency Room crowded with those who have zero business in our borders.

Sometimes it appears in the death, injury, rape, or fear resulting from the depradations of roving gangs who have, with good reason, no respect for our laws, culture, or criminal justice system. (and who can blame them?).

Sometimes, far too often, the result of the illegal aliens invading this nation appear in the newspapers as they report yet more death and injury resulting from traffic accidents caused by illegal aliens behind the wheel, quite often very drunk. Here's another such, out of North Carolina (odd how many times North Carolina figures in these), reported in the Fayetteville Observer under the heading Man charged in driving deaths apparently in U.S. illegally with N.C. driver's license

By the way, his blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit.

To add to the insult, back in February these creep refused a breathalyzer test at the scene of yet another accident. Yet his license (unlawfully obtained) was not suspended, nor was he apprehended as an illegal, nor was he arrested and required to appear. And so, two more US citizens are dead.

I have heard, until I want to vomit, the lie that illegals simply ''do the work that Americans won't do.'' That is a lie. It is a big lie, and it is an accursed lie, and I for one resent it - I've DONE a lot of the scutwork jobs these liars are referring to, and so have many other Americans.

I want to be kind. On this issue, there is no nice way to put this:

  • Enforce the laws. ALL of them.
  • Deport the illegals. ALL of them.
  • Arrest the employers. ALL of them.
  • Arrest those who aid and abet illegals. ALL of them, including the worthless two-bit liars that set up these ''sanctuary cities'' and those who REFUSE to do their sworn duty in this matter.
  • Erect the walls, include sound sensors to detect tunnels, on the Mexican and Canadian borders. Do it immediately.
  • Tell the government of Mexico to butt out, and give a strong hint that we are considering a Declaration of War.
  • Immediately present a bill to the government of Mexico on behalf of US citizens damaged by the incursions of these illegal invaders. Hold all cargo coming across the border as collateral for these bills.
  • Repudiate NAFTA and CAFTA.
  • Then get tough.

29 November 2006

ROPMA Again, Teachers Again

You can't do much better than a good headline:

Disembowelled, then torn apart:
The price of daring to teach girls

A story, out of Afghanistan this time, detailing a particularly brutal murder of a teacher who fell afoul of the demon-worshippers of Islam. Coming, no doubt, to a town near you, as these latter-day followers of a false god travel around the world spreading misery and death everywhere they appear.