28 October 2006

Body count for The Religion of Peace - Oct 28,'06

(More detail available from TheReligionofPeace.com )
Jihad attacks carried out, world wide, week of Oct 15-21, 2006 78
Dead as a result of these 390
Critical injuries as a result of these 462

Recap for the month of September, 2006
Jihadi attacks 242
Dead 1304
Critical injuries 1790

Please take a moment to consider these figures. In just one month, devil-possessed heathens murdered more than one thousand three hundred human beings. In most cases, the main ''offense'' was simply that these individuals were not of the Mohammedan persuasion. In the remaining cases, the issue was the particular flavor of this hideous death cult.

In any event, it should be clear to all but the most blinded that Islam is a blight on the face of the earth, a cult fostered by Satan, and an embodiment of evil wherever found.

I am persuaded that the battle here is a spiritual one. There will be knives and bombs and rifles and all that, probably for quite some time to come. But the real issue is between God and the Devil, between the forces of good and those of evil. I've read the back of the Book, and I know how this struggle comes out, and it's not good for the followers of Muhammad. While there is some reassurance there, there is also an awareness that the followers of this cult are headed towards eternal damnation and that is nothing to wish on anyone nor to celebrate. The early Christians were up against a system at least as evil, and, by the power of God, overcame it.

Prayer and personal witness are, in the end, far more powerful than artillery shells and hand grenades. We have much to do. Time to be about it.


My wife has a cat. My daughters have cats. I have no cat. I want no cat. I don't particularly LIKE cats, and only go along with them because they are not dogs. I don't really have any understanding of the urge for pets. Animals were put on earth to provide meat, milk, eggs, leather, wool, etc. They're not people, and I can not understand those who act as if they were. Makes no sense to me, a descendant of generations of farmers.

But .... I'm outnumbered in my own home and have found it preferable to exercise the better part of valor. Meaning I shut up.

At least they don't bark or bite the neighbors. They do, however, get into some circumstances that can only be described as truly odd. You see one of them here.

Background here. A couple years ago, one of our neighbors suddenly picked up and left, hauling off their kids and getting onto the Cherokee Nation (reservation) by Sallisaw, Oklahoma. They left behind a remarkabable beer can collection, considerable evidence of drug use, and a pregnant cat. Who, being more than half feral, promptly deposited a litter on our back porch. Two lived, little Siamese-looking things. I came home one day to discover that Mama Cat had departed and the kittens had been adopted. Twins, one female, one putatively male. Names were already being solicited, with each daughter claiming one. Since they were evidently demented, I recalled the bad Japanese that an exchange student (Mikihiko Goto, where are you?) had tossed off once, to the effect that ''sukoshi nikki-nikki'' meant ''a little bit crazy''. Since daughter number 2 was thinking of calling the male (hers) as ''Squishy'', Sukoshi was acceptable and Nikki was adopted as the other's nom de nutso.

Cats seem to like to play. Here, we had three of them arguing over, of all things, a small fish bowl. (The fish once housed there had, ahem, no further use for it.) The photo is of the small female (now neutered, like the others) trying out the fishbowl as an appropriate hat. Please don't try to convince me that cats are intelligent. Intelligent beings don't put fishbowls on their heads. Of course, I'm not convinced that intelligent beings get tattoos and piercings either, but that is a matter for another day.

Illegal aliens, part 1002

I see that one of the ''Beltway Snipers'', Lee Boyd Malvo, has admitted to another murder, this one in 2002 of Jerry Taylor on a Tucson golf course. I'm sure that provides a small amount of closure for the family of the murder victim.

But for others, it should be an item in an indictment. If you go to a 2002 article written by Michelle Malkin in her article ''Who let Lee Malvo loose?'' you will be reminded that Malvo is an illegal alien who was arrested back in 2001 in Belllingham, Washington, but - in violation of the law - was ordered released by the INS district in Seattle. As a result, Malvo was set free. And as a result of that, Jerry Taylor is dead. And so are a number of other people. Michelle has done a real number on them at her blog/column. Check out Another Beltway sniper victim for her take on it. I think that she does one of the better jobs on this issue, though there is some excellent work being done. But excellent commentary and excellent analysis do not, alas, seem to be translating into equally good policy and practice.

Persons taking up governmental duties are indeed doing exactly that: stepping up to perform duties that are greater than those expected of the average citizen. As such, they deserve respect and honor, so long as they ''well and faithfully carry out the duties of the office ...''. Clearly, quite an number of persons, and it reaches to the very top levels of the nation, are now feeling free to ignore their oath, their duty, their honor, and the expectations of the nation that these duties will be well and faithfully performed.

Ideas have consequences. INS, and the elected and appointed leaders, have ideas. And Jerry Taylor is dead. You can't ignore the law and honor and expect good results.

Enforce the law. The law specifies who may enter this country and under what circumstances. I am tired of hearing nonsense and lies to pretend that violations of these laws are unimportant. They're not unimportant. And Jerry Taylor is not the only victim.

The law specified deportation of illegals. The law prohibits knowingly hiring illegals. Enforce the law. Vigorously. Immediately. I want ALL the illegals out of OUR country, and now.