20 January 2007

News From the Border: Bush to talk to border agents' families

The story linked here (and I hope that I've done this properly) is one I mentioned in the post below.
News From the Border: Bush to talk to border agents' families

Illegal Immigration, Part 1006 and the Border Travesty

It just doesn't seem to improve, does it? I'm referring not only to the continuing violation of the territorial integrity of the United States, but also of the wretched record of the Bush administration in the matter. Not content with a consistent record of non-performance in the matter, not content with slandering those who have an expectation that the law and the nation's border will be honored, the Administration, acting through the ill-named Justice Department has now railroaded two good Border Agents into a Federal prisons, and as a further injustice, have arranged that there locations will be nearly as far as is possible from their families.
One of the many good takes on the matter can be found over at the News From the Border blog

Let me be frank. I voted for Mr. Bush in two general elections. In many respects, he has been a great president. In other respects, he has been a catastrophe for the nation. The defense of and honor of the nation's borders and those who protect them is one of those catastrophic issues.

Today's Reading January 20

As we continue our adventure. I find that reading through the Bible, God's written love letter to us, is a lot like an adventure. And He thought highly enough of us to give us a written history of His past blessings with promises of future ones. I always find that amazing, not that He could do all of these things, but that he would go to the trouble. That's the miracle!

Morning Genesis chapters 46, 47, and 48
Evening portion the Gospel of Matthew chapter 14, verses 22 through 36

In the Gospel portion shown here, Jesus calms the waves (thought by many at the time to be the province of one of the local gods) showing His authority over them, and then goes over to the other side, among ''those people'', the ones that were not Jews, the ones that had no historical claim to the blessings of God. Like me.
35 And when the men of that place had knowledge of him, they sent out into all that country round about, and brought unto him all that were diseased;
36 And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole.

Jesus still does that. He makes us whole.

In the portion out of Genesis, we see Jacob, now named Israel, as he makes the move into Egypt, with the assent of the Almighty. It will provide a place of refuge (odd how often that turns into bondage!!) as the family grows into a great nation ready to claim the inheritance promised by God. Going in among a wicked nation, waiting for God's own time. Quite a story, really, and one whose echoes are felt to this very day. I understand that a few years ago some nutcase from Egypt tried to file a claim under one of the execrable International Courts, seeking recompense for the goods taken by the Israelites as they left Egypt more than 3000 years ago.

19 January 2007

Today's Reading January 19

For the morning Genesis chapters 44 and 45
For the evening Gospel of Matthew Chapter 14, verses 1 through 21

18 January 2007

Today's Reading - Jan 18

I apologize for the lateness of the post, it does make the notation about ''Morning Reading'' quite incorrect. Today, this morning, was not a fun time for reasons I may get into at another time. At any rate, my apology.

Morning (Old Testament reading) Genesis chapters 42 and 43
Evening (New Testament reading) the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, verses 33 through 58

The section from Genesis is one that has particular meaning for me. I met with our pastor for lunch today, the first time I've gone out of the workplace for lunch in the five months I've been with my present employer. One of the things that I related was the rather bumpy road we've been through over the last 2-1/2 years, and yet, like Joseph in the passage, this was foreknown by the Almighty. In the case of Joseph, God's plan was at work, and His will was done. While my own troubles have not been of the scope of Joseph's - sold into slavery by those who should have protected him, carried off to a foreign land, falsely accused, thrown into prison while already a prisoner, all of that - yet we all have our own story. It is at least some comfort to realize that all of this may have been in order for God to accomplish his ends. May it be so.

17 January 2007

Today's Reading - Jan 17

Morning's portion Genesis chapter 41

Evening reading the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, verses 1 through 32

16 January 2007

Today's Reading - Jan 16

Morning portion Genesis chapters 38, 39, and 40

Evening portion the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 12, verses 22-50

15 January 2007

Illegal Immigration, Part 1005

Like many Americans, I have been outraged by the Bush Administration's malfeasance, mis-feasance, non-feasance, anti-feasance, whatever on the issue of illegal immigration. The scandalous persecution, yes persecution of two
Border agents to the extent that they have been railroaded into a federal prison starting in two days, has only served to prove that the President has dishonored his oath of office in this matter. While I regard Mr. Bush as a generally good man, and voted for him in two general elections, he has been a disaster in this matter. The current situation is one in which he has embraced our foes (the illegals) and damaged our nation. Perhaps you have a good term for that.

While many matters surrounding the issue can be open to interpretation and dispute, I was made aware earlier of some figures that seem to prove that the Bush administration has no intention of following nor of enforcing the laws, things that they are not only responsible for, but have sworn to do. And then ignored their oaths and duties. A comparison of enforcement actions, taken from the vdare web site.

Worksite arrests of illegal alien workers:

1997: 17,554
1999: 2,849
2000: 953
2001: 735
2003: 445
2004: 159

Notices of intent to fine employers:
1997: 865
1999: 417
2000: 178
2001: 100
2003: 162
2004: 3

It is difficult to draw any conclusion other than to believe that the Administration is uninterested in carrying out the duties that they, and in particular the President, are sworn to do.

Today's Reading - Jan 15

Morning Genesis chapters 36 and 37

Evening The Gospel of Matthew, chapter 12, verses 1 through 21

14 January 2007

Today's Reading - Jan 14

For the morning Genesis, chapters 33 through 35

For the evening the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 11