01 September 2009

Book Review – Christianity in Crisis – 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaf, pub Thomas Nelson

Book Review –
Christianity in Crisis – 21st Century
by Hank Hanegraaf, pub Thomas Nelson

For those who are familiar with the author’s radio programs on The Bible Answer Man, or who have encountered him through the Christian Research Institute, the general theme of this work will be familiar, if not the depth nor the details. For those not so fortunate, this will be an eye-opener.

Christianity faces a number of issues in our world. The issues of militant atheism, of militant Islamization, and of general spiritual lethargy are with us, and are addressed by others. Hanegraaf’s focus is on those who claim the Christian leader’s mantle, while putting out what amounts to a new Gospel. This ‘’new Gospel’’ is one most often associated with what are lumped as the ‘’televangelists’’, a group that includes as its largest and certainly most visible component those who are presenting the ‘’Prosperity Gospel’’, the Faith Movement, the Name it and Claim It crowd, sometimes referred to as the Blab it and Grab It bunch.

The author turns a spotlight on this crowd, quoting them at length and naming names. He contrasts their teachings with the Biblical text, and shows the stark contrasts.

More than just a polemic against those who have hijacked the public face of Christianity, and shaming those who have preyed upon the vulnerable, Hanegraaff goes further and, employing his own expertise in the field of apologetics, sets forth some useful approaches for refuting the errors. For that alone, the book is worth the read.


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