07 December 2006

Illegal aliens, part 1004 and the death of more innocents

Anyone surprised that the problem continues?
Comes now a story out of Broward County, Maryland, entitled ''Crash may revive effort to bar illegals from driving'' which details the fallout from - brace yourselves for the shock - the death by vehicular homicide of two Americans. Citizens. You know, people who were born here and had a lawful right to be here and a reasonable expectation that their lives would not be ended violently as a result of the behavior of one Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano, an illegal alien, with a blood alcohol level four times the limit. Sounds like blind drunk to me, sounds like a serious crime to me. Probably to the family of the deceased as well, though it would appear that this counts for very little these days.

What is truly aggravating is that officials of the state of Maryland had issued a driving license to a man whose very presence inside our borders is a crime. I wish that I knew the names of all of those responsible for that travesty, in order that I might do a more complete job of wishing them ill. There is blood on their hands, and they evidently have not even the sense of decency to be ashamed of their criminal malfeasance in office. This illegal should bear the full wrath of the state. But I see the entire range of persons whose actions and inactions led to this situation as being criminially culpable as well. Like the officials in Maryland who sanction such things. Like the persons who issued the driving license and auto tags, who employed this criminal, who housed and succored him, who refused to vigorously enforce the laws regarding illegals. And, not least, the evil, despicable, worthless persons within the government of the nation of origin. We should declare war on that nation.

Oh, by the way, back in February, this same illegal was involved in another drunken driving accident. The law was ignored then as well. Had it been enforced, two American citizens might be alive today.

I wish curses unceasing upon the heads of all those who make it their business to excuse the inexcusable. I mention in particular those persons within the Assembly of Maryland whose criminal inaction and despicable posturing has created this state of affairs.