15 August 2006

Moving update

Just as we were hoping to get this blog up and running on a regular basis, we are going into a period of uncertainty. I will be leaving in a few hours and, leaving the family behind for a period, heading out from the mountains of East Tennessee to the rolling terrain of Montgomery County Alabama. It is always wrenching to leave behind those you love, the friends that have come to mean so much to you, the roots you had begun to put down. It is also exciting to look forward to the new places, the friends you will make, the people that God will put in your path. We have faith that all of this has not taken Him by surprise and that somehow He will be glorified in our lives. May it be so.

Sunday night we said goodbye to our church family at Second Baptist Church in Clinton. Brother Mike once again referred to me publicly as a Job character. I don't know about that, Job is described as being a righteous man, and what little of that applies to me certainly is not a product of anything I have done on my own, but perhaps little glimpses of Jesus in me. May that be so as well. Personally, I feel more like Abraham, going from one place to another, not knowing where he was going but having faith in the One who called him.

So come along with us. The next few months are likely to be interesting. Anyone having some insights on a new church home for those of us of the ''Bapti-Costal'' persuasion is invited to comment.
Grace and peace.