26 January 2009

Islam must be destroyed == installment 25 Jan 2009 and UPDATED

Want to see the idiocy of permitting Muslims, those devotees of the cult of Satan into decent lands? Want to see the lie of cultural equivalence and ''diversity'' exposed? Want to see another example of the idiocy of ''immigration is ALWAYS a good thing''?

Here's an example. A mob of mindless, evil, Muslims. Controlling the streets and sending the police running away.
But it is not in Amman, Jordan. Nor in Beirut. Nor Nairobi, Baghdad, Cairo. Not even in the ''suburbs'' of France. No.
This is London.

Watch it. It has some rough language, and it is probably not safe for work. Especially if you are inflicted with co-workers named Ali or Hussein, or have an HR doofus who still preaches ''diversity is our greatest strength'', or similar lies.

Islam is a lie. It is merely a new manifestation of ancient evil. But it is evil nonetheless.


Updated here (with a nod to Gates of Vienna)
this time, not in London. Sweden. Same mindless evil. Same cowardice on the part of the authorities.

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