15 January 2009

Sometimes the Brits See it Better

Hard to get a more chilling headline than this one:

I have seen your future, America, and it doesn’t work

It's a neat but chilling reminder of the lick-spittle Socialist/Fascists (not much difference, actually) of the 1930's who went off, variously, to Mussolini's Italy and Stalin's USSR, and sent back the work ''I have seen the future and it works'', this referring to Stalin's giant prison camp, but carefully did not mention the Cheka, the execution squads, the Gulag, Siberia, the mass murder in Ukraine, etc.
This writer before us is doing as good a job of eviscerating the idiocy of Obama-worship as I have seen in a while, basing much of it on the hero-worship of Tony Blair, and expecting the same results. The money phrase:
In four, or more likely, eight years time, America is going to wake up one morning — rather as Britain did in the dog-end of the Blair years — with the most terrible hang- over, only to find its pockets empty, its savings gone, its property trashed to virtual worthlessness, its streets rife with crime and its traditional liberties circumscribed by nannying bureaucrats and pettifogging regulation, and it’s going to ask itself: ‘Huh? How did that happen? Did someone drug me? Why didn’t I see that one coming?’
Some of us did see it coming. And were ignored, or slandered.

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