25 February 2009

Today's Reading -- 25 February 2009

Very short shrift and very late today. Yesterday I went to work at around 06:15 as usual. During the day, it became necessary for someone in my role to also work the night shift. No one but me was available. So the day that started around 06:15 ended up at 03:00 the next morning. I staggered home and DIED. And now, I am getting around to go back in for the 6:00 pm shift start. Not at my best and I apologize for the 'lick and a promise' given to some very significant text. Might have been able to do a bit better, but we had to do some troubleshooting and fiddling to get the desktop system work. So I am out of time. Sorry, and will try to do better tomorrow.

This morning's reading is chapters 14 and 15 of the book of Numbers. The people, having been discouraged by the scouts sent into Canaan (with the exception of Joshua and Caleb), will now spend 40 years in the wilderness. Lack of obedience to the Lord puts us in the wilderness as well.

This evening's New Testament passage is verses 1 through 32 of the 6th chapter of the Gospel of Mark. Jesus sends out his disciples to proclaim the Kingdom, and John the Baptizer is executed.

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