05 May 2014

Please Support Bridges of Faith

As some know, we lived until fairly recently in the River Region of central Alabama.  While there, we got to know -- slightly -- a couple operating a ministry near there called Bridges of Faith.  Rev. Tom Benz and wife Larissa are operating this as a means of rescuing orphans from Ukraine, finding adoptive parents in the US if possible, but in any case providing an outreach of love to them and a glimpse of an alternative to the grim future many might fall into otherwise.
Most are aware of the troubles going on in Ukraine, primarily in the eastern regions, over the last weeks and beyond.  Persons without a knowledge of the area are likely to be unaware of how cruelly the nation has been treated over the last century, primarily by those espousing socialist doctrines of various flavors.  Poland has been treated worse perhaps, but if so it's not by much.  The deliberate death by starvation perpetrated by Josip Stalin killed millions, a number approaching that of the Holocaust against the Jews.  Yet it was hidden, deliberately and to this very day, by the "Progressives" of the New York Times who still possess the Pulitizer prize awarded to Duranty who covered up the crime.
Socialism ALWAYS leads to death and misery.
And future for all too many of these orphans are miserable and short lives as prostitutes and gangsters.
Despite all the tumult of today, they are STILL managing to rescue some of these kids. 
Yet there is still much sorrow in that land, and many are hurting.
I believe that the Lord can literally accomplish anything.  I've seen miracles.
But prayer is important.
If you can, material support is always needed and always received and used responsibly.

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