24 March 2016

Stuff -- Thursday, 24 March 2016

a decent day here.
Looking at the morning news and messages, I see further evidence of the decay of the society.  I fully expect to see the final collapse in my lifetime, meaning soon, unless we hear the Last Trumpet sound, something I've always expected.  The two may coincide of course.  Perhaps.
As evidence, I offer three items.

  • plain idiocy.  Emory University, a liberal arts college in the Atlanta area that was founded by the Methodists (and followed the degeneration of that crowd), is all upset.  It seems that some anonymous person actually put some words in support of the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, on some sidewalks using chalk.  Now the little snowflakes are trembling in fear and outrage that someone  -- gasp! --- has dared to upset their little world.  See one episode of the story here.
  • Or, some fellow fools at Columbia U have determined that the Belgians are the ones to be blamed for the latest outrage perpetrated by the Moslem heathens there.  Because, well, Islamophobia or something.
  • and then there is the bowing of the National Football League to the wild ravings of the homosexual lobby, the so-called Lavender Mafia.  Rumor has it that some states who are cursed to have NFL franchises within their borders are having the gall to protect bakers and others from having to provide products and services (and loud cheers) to support the weirdest imaginings of the perverts, and allow them to decline to make wedding cakes in honor of homosexual "marriage".  So the NFL is clutching their pearls and threatening to smite someone with their handbags unless the state legislature recants (and, probably, enters re-education camps).  The "bread and circuses" movement going further.  See here.
 More examples may be found.

Collapse is imminent.

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