27 January 2017

another update 1/27

Back home, finally.  Looooong morning.
She was sick last night, worse this morning.  I called doctor office, they were able to "work her in".  We left around 8:40.  40 minute drive to Dr. office.  More than an hour there.  a 50 minute drive from there to the pharmacy.  Stand around waiting for the prescription that had been phone in to be filled.  Pick up a couple of other things we would be needing in the next few days.  A 25 minute drive home, "courtesy" of the dimwits in western Pennsylvania who seem to take pleasure in setting the traffic signals in order to prevent the smooth flow of traffic and maximize the aggravation.
She seems to have a major-league kidney infection, something she's prone to, and which is a serious long term condition.  Some truly heavy duty antibiotics have been prescribed, we got them, and she just took the first one.  Probably be 36 hours or so before we see any results.
And we are, just now, eating our first food of the day.  I took my "morning" BP meds and a few vitamins.  She'll be taking her "morning" allotment soon.

Fun life.

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