04 January 2009

Islam Deleda Est

UPDATE 4Jan2009 5:25pm EST
Check out this one out of Amsterdam. Yes, those 'right thinking and so sophisticated and superior European liberals are chanting ''Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!''. We do wrong, very wrong, to believe that Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party were the source, and the end, of anti-Jewish hatred in Europe. Hitler only tapped into what already was there, and what has outlived him by more than 60 years now. The Islamo-swine are simply going along with existing sentiment.

In my less than perfect Latin (hey, that was a long time ago that I took it), Islam delenda est translates to ''Islam must be destroyed''. And this evil false cult of devotion to Satan must be destroyed.

Want some examples of the reasons?
Here's one, and, not coincidentally, another reason to get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S. This is a video of the Islamo-heathens firing rockets at Israel using a UN-built school in Gaza as the launch platform. Your taxes paid for that, by the way. Happy?

And here's another. This is a march performed, not in Gaza, nor Islamabad, nor Cairo, nor Damascus. We expect them to be hell-holes largely as a result of being polluted by these heathens. This is not even in the ''suburbs'' of France or Germany (how're them ''guest workers'' doing, guys?) or Antwerp, for the same reason. No, this was done just a few days ago in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Someone needs to tell me again why we EVER allow these loathsome heathens to enter our country. Someone needs to explain to me just what jobs they are doing that Americans won't do. Someone needs to explain to us, once more, why even legal immigration is always A Good Thing. Because, right now, the evidence is looking a bit thin. Get these devotees of evil out of our country. Include the ones polluting Dearborn Michigan with their presence.

Oh, and don't overlook this either.

Or this one. Remember: Celebrate Diversity!

Islam delenda est. Nuke Mecca. Allah is Satan.

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